2017 Elite Camp Evalutions 

I want to thank everyone for partcipating in the DCMS Elite Basketball Camp. Keep working hard everyday and every week. Everyone needs to continue to condition and strengthen their body daily to prepare for the basketball season in the winter!

Player Evaluations

Good shooter and moves well without the ball. Very skilled offensively. Needs to improve footspeed on defense, strength, ball handling, and driving to the basket under control.
Nolan N.  (Hardwork Squad)
Hard worker, willing passer, and decent shooter. Needs to improve defense and ball handling.
Brandon C. (MVP)
Strong all around player. Needs to work on finishing with both hands and consistent 3 point shot
Hassan (Hardwork Squad)
Very hard worker and good rebounder. Needs to work on ball handling, and layups
Caleb J. (Top 6th Grader)
Good shooter and smart player. Needs to work on conditioning and foot speed
Murtaza I. (Most Improved)
Has improved layups and ballhandling. Needs to improve aggression, shooting, location on offensive, defensive awareness, and speed.
Judge E.  (Hardwork Squad)
Good shooter and smart offensive player. Needs to work on conditioning and defense
Javion S. (Defensive MVP)
Very active and skilled. Decent shooter and has good attack moves. Needs to improve finish high and strong in the paint. Needs to run the floor to cause matchup problems with his size and speed.
Amadou S. (Top Youngster)
Good midrange shooter and good team player. Needs to move better on offense and run the court faster.
Keegan K. (Hardwork Squad)
Very aggressive, fast, and a playmaker. Needs to improve basketball IQ, conditioning, and shooting off the dribble. 
Marvin R. (Offensive MVP)
Solid guard. Can shoot, drive, and make plays. Needs to be aggressive and consistent on defense. Don't take plays off be in attack mode on both ends of the floor.